How I Work Through My Anixety from my Chronic Illness and Being Immunosuppressed

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Over the past 5 or so years of my life, I started to get a lot more anxious when it came to getting sick. What I mean by “getting sick”, is getting a cold, flu ,or any viral or bacterial infection. Since, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 10 years ago my body has always taken longer to fight off any viral or bacterial infection that I have. Which means that a cold that effected my friend for a week will effect me for two weeks. 

That never used to bother me as much until I started taking immunosuppressants such as Remicade, Stelera and Entyvio. Since, your immune system is more compromised when taking immunosuppressants I became super paranoid about getting sick. I also started getting paranoid about getting sick and having to move my doses because I was not well enough to receive them. 

My anxiety with this has fluctuated throughout the years, but at its worse I would experience extreme withdrawal from other people. If I go around people who are sick, my body tenses up and I feel the need to get as far away as possible from that person. There have been many times were this has effected my relationships and overall life. I have moved seats in class to get away from sick people, I have skipped nights out going dancing to avoid catching a virus (due to the large amount of people in a room), I have skipped hanging out with friends because one of them has an infection I am scared to catch. 

Over the years, I have learnt to deal with my anxiety as best as I could. Along the way I have developed the following tips and tricks to help me get through rough times and particularly cold and flu season. 

1. Be Honest With Friends & Family 

For me this is one of the most important parts about dealing with my anxiety. I have become very open with my friends and family about my anxiety around “getting sick” and they have responded in the best way possible. When one of my friends is sick but we have plans to hang out they let me know ahead of time and we make plans to either reschedule or to do something in a space that is more public rather than their home. My friends and family are super respectful of my anxiety and they try to make me feel as comfortable as possible when I have concerns about getting sick. 

2. Take Supplements

I take a LOT of vitamins and minerals to help keep my health in tip top shape all year round. The vitamins I take daily include Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Multi-Vitamin, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin D. But, during cold and flu season, or if I feel myself getting sick I will add more supplements. I usually will double or triple my Vitamin C intake (2000mg to 3000mg) and my Vitamin D intake. Additionally, I will diffuse oils that help to support my immune system such as “Immune/Fortify” by Saje Wellness or “Liquid Sunshine“. Some single oils I enjoy are Orange, Lemon, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. 

3. Upkeep Your Hygiene

This goes without saying, but honestly make sure you are getting ENOUGH SLEEP. This could mean something different for every person, but usually 7.5 – 8.5 hours is best. I personally, like to get 8-9 hours when I am feeling stressed or feel myself getting sick. Along with sleeping enough you have got to make sure you drink enough water. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in water every day. Make sure that you are also washing your hands before eating anything and that you aren’t touching your face too much without washing your hands. 

4. Wear a Mask

I usually don’t wear a mask, but if I am having a lot of anxiety, I will wear one. I usually only wear masks in hospitals or busy places. But, right before my surgery I was wearing a mask everywhere and avoiding busy places as much as possible because I needed to make sure I was in tip top shape before my surgery. 

5. Think of Worse Case Scenario 

When all else fails it is important to take a few deep breaths and think of the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario with me is that I get sick, and if I do, oh well. I will be sick for a few weeks and everything will be fine. It is important to think of the worst case scenario to make sure that you are comfortable no matter what happens in your life. The important thing to remember is that getting sick is a part of life and one of these days I WILL get sick. So, no matter what fear causes you anxiety, remember to think of the worst case scenario and odds are it won’t be so bad. 

I hope that this post helped to give you some ideas on how to deal with anxiety, especially when it comes to anxiety around “getting sick” and being immunosuppressed. Let me know if you want to know more about this topic and message me on Instagram or Facebook if you ever want to talk about this subject. Make sure that you subscribed to my blog to get email updates every time I post, and follow me on Instagram @GutsyFeeling and Facebook @Gutsyfeeling to get more updates from me on my day to day life. I also started a Pinterest account that has more content from me. Go on over and follow me and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. 


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