This has been a requested post for a while now and I am so happy to deliver this today. This post is perfect for all my students out there, but also for all my chronic illness warriors. It is critical to have all of the emergency supplies on hand, so today I will be sharing with you what is in my bag and my emergency kit essentials. 

What’s In My Emergency Kit

When I am off to school or work I try to bring stuff in my bag that will allow me to be ready for any situation, but will also not make my bag a million pounds. Since, I often go to school for 8-12 hours a day it is critical for me to be prepared for anything.

My emergency kit is all housed within a cute little makeup bag. This makes it easy for me to throw into any bag, but also pretty discreet if I need to pull it out in the middle of class or in the office. Within my emergency kit I have some beauty related items, pain management items, and general life items. I will share with you all these items in detail in this post. 

Beauty Items

Hand Cream: This is critical for harsh Canadian winters, my hands crack really easily so this is essential for me.

Nail Clippers + Nail File: Hang nails and broken nails are the absolute worst. That is why I keep nail clippers and a nail file on hand always. 

Chapstick: This is another product that is especially important in the winter months, but really comes in handy all year. Chap lips is not a cute look, am I right? haha

Lipstick + Concealer: These are two products that I believe can really brighten up your face in a pinch. Concealer is perfect to brighten under the eyes or cover up a zit in a pinch. Lipstick helps to bring some life to your face and make you look more awake. Find out more about my favorite concealer HERE. 

Pain Management/Chronic Illness Items

Tylenol/Advil/Allergy Pills: Head aches, body aches and allergies are super annoying when you are trying to get work done. That is why I keep some form of pain medication with me at all times. I get some really bad tension head aches and sinus head aches so these are absolutely critical for me. 

Benadryl/Antihistamine: This is something that I carry mainly for other people, but also for myself. You never know when someone may have an allergic reaction to something. This could quite literally save someones life and so I try to keep one or two tablets on hand always. 

Peppermint oil: I have spoke about peppermint oil in depth many times in the past, but this is something that I never leave the house without. It helps with head aches, tense muscles, and any bloating/stomach distention. This product has helped me through some of the worst pain, along with a few other products that you can read more about here if you would like. 

Gas-x + Acid Blockers: You never know when bloating or acid reflux will strike hard and fast. That is why I always carry these two meds around. Gas-x is easy to find over the counter, you can also use tums for acid reflux. But, I have a prescription because it s a chronic problem I deal with. 

Hospital Mask: This is something that a lot of people may think is crazy, but I like to carry around a hospital mask in case I ever feel like I am in a situation with a lot of sick people. This is especially true during cold and flu season, and because of the medications I take, I try to stay as far away from sick people as possible. I have only used it a few times, but it helps me relax in very crowded or congested areas knowing that I have it just in case. 

Icy-Hot/Pain Cream: I go back and forth between brands, but I think it is important to keep some kind of muscle relaxing cream in your bag to help with any muscle pain when it strikes. 

General Life Items

Bandaids: pretty self explanatory, but these have come in handy so many times. 

Hand sanitizer: I have been in some pretty dirty situations where this has been a god sent. This is also super important during cold and flu months. 

Wet Wipes: A few moist towelettes are very good to have in your kit if you get into something sticky, or if you ever just feel grimy while out and about. 

Tissues: Tissues can be used in so many different emergencies, so I always keep a pack of travel tissues in my kit. 

Tampon+Panty Liners: You never know when you or a friend may be a pinch, so this is something I try to never leave the house without. 

Granola Bar: If I am ever feeling light headed or a little hangry a granola bar saves the day. 

Hair elastic: Useful to tie your hair back (duhhh), but to also tie your shirt or close a chip bag in a pinch.

Safety pin: This can come in handy for any wardrobe malfunctions. Nothing like a strap breaking on a presentation day. 

Deodorant: Nobody wants to be stinky, so keeping a mini stick of deodorant is a very good life hack. It can also be used to avoid blisters by rubbing it on your heels and feet when you are wearing any heels or shoes that are rubbing. 

Overall, these are the items that I try to keep on hand always to stop emergencies in their path when they strike. Is there anything that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Your trusty, gutsy gal, 

Nathalie xx

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#WellnessWednesday . . I am so excited to share with you all these gifted products from Saje Wellness that I received last week. . . Here you can see the sleep well kit which includes a tranquility spray, a sleep well roller ball, lavender bath salts, and a lavender eye mask. Additionally, you can see the tranquility essential oil blend. Today, I want to share with you all the benefits of these products and why I love them so much. . . 🌿Tranquility spray: perfect for misting your sheets and pillows before bed to help trigger your brain to calm down for the night. . 🌿Sleep Well Roller ball: this incredible blend of oils is perfect to roll on your wrist before bed or if you are at a hotel. This blend includes lavender, chamomile, orange, red mandarin, jasmine, and valerian which all help to support sleep. . 🌿Lavender Bath Salts: this Epsom salt blend is amazing to use for a nice night time soak. The lavender and Epsom salts help to relax your muscles for quality sleep. . 🌿Lavender Eye Mask: Sometimes it is very hard to get quality sleep when there is a lot of light around you. This mask comes in handy when you need to black out your space, especially when on vacation. . 🌿Tranquility oil blend: This blend of oils is perfect to diffuse before bed and throughout the night to support sleep. . . ALL of these products are incredible and high quality formulations. Thank you again to Saje for sending me these products and oils to try out. I feel so lucky and grateful😍😊💜🌿 . . . #livewellbewell #autoimmunewellness #gutfeeling #patientadvocacy #gutsyfeeling #yogiinspiration #wellnessblogger #wellnesswarrior #wellnessadvocate #wellnesslifestyle #lookwithin #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #Wellness #Thankful #meditation #essentialoils #oils #yoga @sajewellness

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