The App That Everyone Living With Chronic Illness NEEDS

This weeks post is focused on an app that I started using about 2 months ago. This app has totally changed the game in terms of tracking my conditions, symptoms, medications, supplements, and lifestyle habits. This app was created by a fellow Chronic Illness Warrior and was designed to fill a void that exists in the app world. This app is beautifully designed, practical, and a great tool to track your long term and short term symptom correlations. This app is Flaredown.  

Before you leave to download this app, make sure to read through to the end of this post to see how I use this app myself. I would also like to put out there that this is not a sponsored post. I wanted to make this post because I truly love this app and I thought it was worth sharing. Also make sure that you subscribed to my blog to get email updates every time I post, and follow me on Instagram @GutsyFeeling to get more updates from me on my day to day life.

One of my favorite features of this app is the option to look at your symptoms, medications, food, conditions, or habits in charts. This allows you to look at one condition and how it is fluctuating. However, my most favorite feature of this app is the “pattern” building feature. This allows you to track how any condition, medication, symptom, food item, weather pattern, or lifestyle habit is correlated together. I have made many patterns to help me track some of my symptoms. Some of which include:

– tracking my bloating, and muscle cramping in relation with Entocort,
– tracking my acid reflux while I am trying to tapper off my PPI,
– tracking my period and how this effects my Crohn’s,
– tracking fatigue in relation to exercising, my period, and walking,
– tracking my Entyvio infusions and the side effects I have around the infusion date,
– tracking my headaches and how this is related to the atmospheric temperature, using my mouth guard at night, and stress

This feature has totally changed the game for me in terms of getting down to the bottom of why I have some of my symptoms. Now if I am wondering if a certain food, or habit is related to a symptom, I simply make a pattern, track it, and the app does the rest of the work making the graph. You can also share these charts and patterns via email so you can share them with your doctors too. 
Overall, I think that this app is definitely worth downloading and trying for yourself. No matter what chronic illness you have, it can help you to get to the bottom of some of your symptoms. 
If you enjoyed this post make sure that you subscribed to my blog to get email updates every time I post, and follow me on Instagram @GutsyFeeling to get more updates from me on my day to day life. Also make sure to follow @Flaredown on Instagram as well. 

Happy tracking, 

Your Trusty Gutsy Gal 

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are mine. 

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Nathalie is a Canadian entrepreneur, blogger, architectural designer, and Crohn’s warrior. Nathalie graduated from her final university degree in Spring 2020 with a Master’s of Architecture. Nathalie decided to start this blog to share her journey and experiences. She shares daily advice on all things health, lifestyle, self love, motivation and environmentalism on the blog and over on Facebook and Instagram.

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