Our phone and the apps that live on it can be designed in a way to enhance or take away from our life. So, today I wanted to share some of my favorite apps for going after my best life. Some of these I use for habit tracking, organization, journaling, increasing productivity, relaxation, anxiety, and content creation. But, each one serves me well and helps me to live a better life. 

1. Quality Time

This first app is a great app particularly for Android users like myself. This app is a screen time app that will help to keep your phone usage goals on track. This app allows you to set up scheduled breaks where certain apps are disabled. I have this set up to turn on at night before bed and to not turn off until an hour after I wake up. This is a great tool to ensure that social media is being blocked from my phone when I want to have time for myself. I highly recommend using an app like this to ensure that you are taking breaks from social media and being diligent with how much screen time you consume. 

2. 5 Minute Journal

I started using this app after it was recommended by Amy Landino. The thing I love about this app is that it reminds you take 5 minutes in the morning and night time to pause and reflect. I also really love that you can add a photo everyday to highlight a memory from that day. If you like journaling or want to get into journaling I highly recommend paying the $5 to purchase this app for a lifetime. 

3. Google Keep

I love all the Google suite apps but my favorite is Google Keep. This app is great to keep lists for everything in your life. I have shopping lists, gratitude lists, memories, and everything in between put into color-coded lists on this app. I love this app because it syncs across my phone and my computer and makes it easy for me to stay organized. 

4. Loop Habit Tracker

This app is great to track your habits in a very simple format. I use this app to track my daily habits and ensure that I am holding myself accountable. This is a great practice to keep on track of your good habits, and recognize any bad habits you want to break. 

5. Cara Care

I use this app to track my IBD and it has been the best IBD tracking app I have ever used. I have used most apps on the market for tracking my Crohn’s disease but this is the one I have loved the most. It allows you to track BM and formation of BM, abdominal symptoms, GI symptoms, muscle pain, your period, your sleeping, water intake, food, medication and more. This app also takes all your info and puts it into graphs. These can then be downloaded and also emailed to your doctor. I love how simple the app is and how thorough they get into not only GI symptoms, but additional symptoms you may experience. 

6. Simple Habit

Just like IBD trackers, I have tried pretty much every meditation app out there. Simple Habit has been my favorite out of them all. The main reason being that their free selection of meditations is excellent, so finally I bought the full version and I am very impressed. They have a great selection of themed meditations that are great for all different types of people and health conditions/concerns, and there sleep selection is excellent as well. 

7. Better Help

Better Help is a counselling app that I have been using for over a year and a half now. I love how convenient, inexpensive, and easy the program is to use. I use this app to do my video chats with my counselor if I don’t want to go on my computer, and I also use the app to message my counselor when I need some help or need to talk. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or any mental health concerns I highly recommend trying out this app. They also offer discounted rates for anyone requiring financial assistance. If you want to try Better Help for a FREE WEEK, click here. This costs you nothing extra, but it allows us both to get one week free. 

8. Spotify

I love music and listening to podcasts and Spotify is my app of choice. I have the paid subscription and think it is definitely worth it to avoid ads. There is nothing particularly amazing about Spotify, but I do love the interface and the playlists. Regardless of what app you enjoy, I think it is a good idea to have a music/podcast player app on your phone. Have a few go-to podcasts and music playlists set for when you need a pump-up or need to chill out. 

9. Spark Post + Lightroom

When it comes to photo editing I love Spark Post and Lightroom from Adobe. These are both paid programs but I think that they are both excellent especially if you are into taking photos or have a strong online presence. If you are looking for a free option I really like PicsArt for editing photos, making collages, or adding texts to images. Overall, if you are into photo editing or making graphics, text out a few apps and I am sure you will find one that you like best! 

10. Later 

When it comes to content planning I love to use Later for scheduling my online content for Gutsy Feeling and Stitching Sunshine. I do not always use a scheduling app, but when I am really busy I find it super useful. Later is a free app (with some paid features) that I really like to use. It is simple and allows you to post both to Instagram and Facebook for free. If you a content creator I would highly suggest content batching and scheduling your work to save you time throughout the week. 


Overall, those are my top apps for living my most organized, mindful, and best life. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like the post I did on 5 productivity apps. 


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Your trusty, gutsy gal, 

Nathalie xx

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